Coaching / Mentoring

Are you thinking of making the move to this exciting industry, new to the Real Estate business or been licensed for a few years and just can't figure out how to take your business to the next level..

Hi My name is Tom Ikonomou and I've been listing and selling properties since 2008. I like most agents, did not find any support when I became licensed and was told no more than.. there is the desk, there is the phone.. go get them.

In fact, the average agent sells four homes per year (which does not account to a decent living) and the number one reason is the lack of one on one coaching or mentoring required to succeed in the business.

I've spent years learning through trial and error and eventually one on one coaching to learn what work needs to be done and more importantly.. how it needs to be done.

Why reinvent the wheel? Let me streamline the process with you today!

For more information & free consultation.. call me Tom Ikonomou direct at 778.879.8366 

Tom Ikonomou
Tom Ikonomou